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A Harmonic Collaboration: 'Weapons Tribal Remix Pt.1 Featuring The Nation Of Yahsharala' Unveiled

Dive into a musical realm where spirituality meets rhythm in the new release, 'Weapons Tribal Remix Pt.1 Featuring The Nation Of Yahsharala’. A monumental collaboration of Auttre Yah Arkeyst and the gifted voices from the Israelite community.

Auttre Yah Arkeyst spearheads this collaborative endeavor, bringing together the Israelite community's melodious talents. This track is a symphony of powerful lyrics and evocative tunes. With a lineup featuring Deacon Sicarii, Jake Juvell, Lina Renell among others, making it a hymn of unity and cultural resonance.

The song resonates with the spiritual warfare and divine protection, echoed through phrases like "made me a weapon" and "Yah is my shelter”, while it echoes the spiritual vigilance and divine legacy of the Hebrew Israelites. Every verse brims with biblical references and a call to righteous living. The sequel, part 2, awaits its November release, promising another enthralling ensemble of 14 Truth Artists. Sign up on to stay tuned.

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