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Anvayahu's NEW music video Collaboration: "Give a Toast" Ft Lorvins & Travis Snipes

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Cover Art by Raeshantael

Introducing our beloved Israelite brothers and recording artist Anvayahu aka Demetric Pruitt. This multi talented brother has elevated other Israelite Artist's brand and visions with his multi-media skills. Anvayahu's newest collaboration is featuring Lorvins & Travis Snipes, entitled "Give a Toast".

These two mighty men of YAH recently released a brand new 15 track album named "World Without End". Lorvins adds his smooth annointed vocals and J Lutch adds his meditative lyricism, together they presented a masterpiece. Both brothers draw inspiration from their faith as bible-based Israelite artists.

If you're a lover of fresh and unique sounds, you're going to love Lorvins & J Lutch's collaboration album. You'll be sure to enjoy themes of brotherhood and repentance, with upbeat and mid tempo style mixtures.

If you're looking for something unique and uplifting to add to your playlist, "World Without End" album will do it for you.

Anvayahu Contact:

Website -

Lorvins Contact:

Number: +1 813-315-0229

Travis Snipes Contact:

Watch their music video "In A Box" from Anvayahu's "World Without End" album:

Israelite Music Contact:

Website & Mailing List -

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