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Big Homie Yurp has a new single - Great Awakening

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Introducing our beloved Israelite brother: Big Homie Yurp.

Big Homie Yurp is known for his jumping music and his belief in the holy bible and his identity as an Israelite. Born in Chicago Heights, Illinois and raised in Gwinnett County, Georgia, Big Homie Yurp has been writing 16's since the 6th grade. He never thought he would be writing songs that bring him and others closer to God. All praise to the Most High.

Big Homie Yurp's new single: "Great Awakening" is a powerful message about the 12 tribes of Israel awakening in these last days. His new song is sure to have you thinking circumspectly in these last days. With its poignant messages and inspiring lyrics, this new song is the perfect way to get pumped righteously.

If you're a fan of lyricism with a message in the music, be sure to give "Great Awakening" a listen. You can find it on all major streaming platforms, He is sure to become one of your new favorite artists.

Big Homie Yurp Contact:

CHECK OUT Big Homie Yurp's music video "Flee" ft Jasmine Israel!

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