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BritYah's album - "A Love So Pure"

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Introducing our beloved Israelite sister: BritYah.

BritYah raps and sings Neo-Soul R&B, praise & worship music to help souls repent.

BritYah has released her album called: "A Love So Pure" with her husband Sta'phan The Preacher. Giving us R&B vibes we all did not know we needed. PRAISE YAH!

BritYah's life testimony is transforming and is a righteous example for Israelite women to follow. The nation has watched her grow into a full woman and wife and we are rejoicing with her and her king. If you're a fan of soulful R&B with a biblical message, you will love BritYah and Sta'phan The Preacher's new album "A Love So Pure". Her voice is soul stirring and will have you wanting to replay the album. Sta'phan The Preacher brings about a joyness to his approach and delivery.

What sets BritYah apart is her unique laid back vibe that shines through her music. BritYah's vulnerability and transparency is honorable. BritYah and her husband Sta'phan The Preacher makes her faith in the Most High through Yahusha a focal point in their music.

If you're looking for something new and uplifting to add to your playlist, BritYah and Sta'phan The Preacher's album: "A Love So Pure" is worth your time and is sure to get you in the right Spirit.

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