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Courtney B's new song - "Cycles"

Updated: Oct 17

Introducing our beloved Israelite sister: Courtney B.

Courtney B sings R&B Pop, healing music to help souls heal as the change their lives towards the Most High God of Israel.

Courtney B released her song called: "Cycles". Giving us smooth R&B sounds to calm our souls. PRAISE YAH!

Courtney B's life testimony is transforming and is a righteous example for Israelite women to follow. The nation has watched her grow into a full woman and wife and we are rejoicing with her and her king. If you're a fan of soulful R&B with a biblical message, you will love BritYah's new album "Cycles". Her voice is soul stirring and will have you wanting to replay the album.

What sets Courtney B apart is her unique laid back vibe that shines through her music. BritYah's vulnerability and transparency is honorable. BritYah makes her faith in the Most High through Yahusha a focal point in her music.

If you're looking for something new and uplifting to add to your playlist, Courtney B's song: "Cycles" is worth your time and is sure to get you in the right Spirit.

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