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Darak iBar's new song - Trumpet Blast

Updated: Sep 20

Darak iBar, our beloved Israelite brother, is a recording artist who has just released a brand new song called "Trumpet Blast". As a Bible-based Israelite rapper, Darak's music is deeply rooted in his faith and convictions.

In "Trumpet Blast", Darak takes listeners on a journey through his thoughts concerning the feast of Trumpets and symbolism of trumpets being blown in the last days.

Lyrics like "Time is almost up" are thought-provoking for believers to repent. This song is sure to get stuck in your head with its catchy hook.

Darak iBar tackles yet another difficult and controversial topic in his music. If you're a fan of Bible-based Israelite music, or simply looking for a new and unique artist to add to your playlist, be sure to check out Darak Ibar and his latest release, "Trumpet Blast".

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CHECK OUT Darak iBar's AUDIO VIDEO for "Trumpet Blast'"

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