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Dixon Beats FREE Lo-FI Scratch Pad

Scratchpad is a totally free VST Instrument plugin developed by Patent Sounds. This plugin was built with LOFI in mind however the sounds included are going to complement almost any genre of music well.

The 12 presets included with Scratchpad were carefully picked out and sampled to fit the LOFI aesthetic, But these sounds are also going to work great in other subgenres of hip hop too! Smooth Keys, Beautiful Bells & Lush Leads!

With Scratchpad’s built-in noise generators, you can manually add a mix of noise to your sound instantly making them sound more “Retro”. Choose from Vinyl, Tape, or Rain noises and mix them with your tonal sound to really give it a different texture!

You cab combine Chorus, Distortion, and Wow/Flutter to make up the “Lofiness” section of the plugin. These effects can be used together to create a really degraded or aged effect.

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