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Malkah Norwood's new single - "Wicked"

Our beloved Israelite sister, Malkah Norwood, has released her newest singing called: "Wicked". HALLELUYAH! And it's a cover song rendition of Gnarles Barkley's song "Crazy".

Filled with soulful backgrounds and gritty vocals that bears Malkah Norwood's soul and conviction unto YAH.

If you love soulful sounds with a biblical message and reminder of righteous judgement to come to keep us us on our toes in repentance, you will love Malkah Norwood's new song "Wicked".

Check out Malkah Norwood'S "Wicked" song in our Spotify "Covers" Playlists filled with Israelite Music Artist's cover songs and music interpolations here!

If you're looking for something new and fresh but with a familiar sound, add Malkah Norwood's song: "Wicked" to your playlist. It's worth your time.

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