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Malkah Norwood's new song - "שלום עליכם (Shalom Alcheim)"

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Introducing our beloved Israelite sister: Malkah Norwood.

Malkah Norwood sings Classic Soul R&B, praise & worship music to help souls repent and come back to their true heritage.

Malkah Norwood has released her song called: "שלום עליכם (Shalom Alcheim)". PRAISE YAH!

International indie music artist, Ashira Malkah Norwood, introduces "Set-Apart Music and Meditation", a dedicated music genre created for sacred listening and spiritual rumination through Hebraic biblical living and thinking.

Malkah sings in English and Hebrew the messianic songs from Tziyon—soulful praises to YAHWEH, the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth as told from the Hebrew Bible. Malkah's messages of faith are combined with natural Eastern instruments, Rhythm & Blues, and Afro Soul creating an experience that relates to her personal testimony of being rescued from insanity and death.

During her 2019 Sabbatical from her home in Los Angeles, California, Malkah was blessed to perform at Pardes Hanna, Israel in an impromptu on-stage collaboration with talented African and Israeli musicians such as global sound percussionist and producer Sangit.

Also known to her community as Ashira Malka, this humble artist is currently recording her second indie album in collaboration with her family and friends residing in the nomadic lands of Abraham of the middle east. You can follow Malkah Norwood's journey of music and faith primarily on YouTube, as well as Instagram and Facebook where she's released Great Is Yah accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Omer Gonen-Haela and violinist Oren Tsor.

To learn more, join Ashira on YouTube, Facebook, and Patreon as she continues to represent an ancient sound from the holy Heaven as an angel of peace.

Malkah Norwood life testimony is honorable. If you're a fan of soulful and ancient sounds with a biblical message, you will love Malkah Norwood's new song "שלום עליכם (Shalom Alcheim)". Her tenor voice is moving and will have you wanting to put her on repeat.

Malkah Norwood makes her faith in the Most High through Yahusha a focal point in her music.

If you're looking for something new and uplifting to add to your playlist, Malkah Norwood's song: "שלום עליכם (Shalom Alcheim)" is worth your time and is sure to get you in the right Spirit of peace.

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