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Moshey Ben Yahudah's new album - Raw Uncut Truth

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Introducing our beloved Israelite brother and Lyricist: Moshey Ben Yahudah.

“No matter what it looks like and no matter how many times people count you out, it is what is within YOU and whether you believe the Father or them… If I can become something with all odds stacked against me, you can too. Never give up on self.” ~ Moshey Ben Yahudah

Growing up in a Christian household didn’t stop crime and separation from occurring in this family dwelling in Kansas City, Kansas. Tez, or Moshey Ben Yahudah as he would later become known, was his father’s eldest son in a large family of 18 brothers and sisters. In his youth, he was entered into the foster care system at around 3 years of age and was bounced from foster home to foster home, in and out of group homes and juvenile detention centers until he aged out at 18. Tez had a hard life and was a truant and delinquent, often running away from foster homes and hanging out with the older crew at pool halls when he should have been in school.

As fate would have it, he met a cousin through a classmate at one of the schools he attended who introduced him to his paternal biological family. Children services gave him the option of reuniting with his biological family or staying in the system and he chose to be with his family. He learned that his father was a drug kingpin and his aunts and cousins were also heavily in the streets. Tez easily fell back into the street life himself, robbing and selling drugs. He went from being in and out of Juvenile detention centers to being in and out of prison.

The family was indicted and a lot of them were locked up after the Feds got involved. Tez was spared, as his girlfriend had pre-warned him of an eerie feeling she had about his involvement and urged him to leave. Bounty hunters had already been looking for him and was circulating his photo throughout the neighborhood. He took the warning to heart, took the 20 racks he had on him and left everything else behind. He was eventually captured and sent to prison.

After Tez was released, he met his wife whose kind spirit attracted him. She was Christian and he tried the Christian life again believing that this would make him a better man. He attended church regularly and even participated in the men’s choir. However, something inside of him made him fall back from the church. He stopped singing and later, completely stopped going to church altogether. He thought he was wicked for not wanting to go to church. Yet and still, something held him back. During this time, old drug and robbery cases kept popping up and he was once again back and forth in jail in and out of state. He was a fugitive in two different states apart from his own.

Tez didn’t understand why all of this was happening. He did not know at the time that it was The Most High cleaning up his record, preparing Tez to use him for His purpose. He was picked up for a warrant in Oklahoma and was later released on a signature bond. He still had the trial coming up in Nebraska for which he was facing no less than 35 years. It was at this point Tez started calling out to the Most High, praying for guidance and deliverance. Yah heard his prayer and in an unbelievable turn of events, the judge “judged him” by the countenance of his wife who was sobbing in the court room at the possibility of all the time he was facing. The judge told him that he couldn’t do that to his wife and released him with only a fine and no jail time!

The Most High also sent the same cousin who connected him with his biological family during the time he was in the foster care system to bring the truth of who he is to the light. His cousin Tony spoke with him about the scriptures and broke down the basics of the Word. It was then, after so many years of searching for truth, that Tez finally understood who the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was and this God was NOT the god he learned of in Christianity. It all made sense now. His spirit led him to seek the truth and then the truth was revealed to him. After meditating for 7 complete days, Tez, now known as Moshey Ben Yahudah, changed his ways, his mindset, his lifestyle and finally his name and put everything he had into following the Most High.

In 2012 Moshey wanted to start making music again, this time for truth, but he couldn’t freestyle or write a bar. He wanted to transition into truth music, but he couldn’t rap at all for nearly two years. The Most High had to wash some things out of him before He would allow him to drop his first song. When his tongue was finally loosed in 2014, Moshey released his first album. It did not do as well as he had hoped so he went back into the studio and dropped his second album called “Repentance: The Second Kingdom” and it was then that people started taking his music seriously. He released a third album, “Let My People Go: America Will Fall” which was good but not as good as the second album.

His fourth album, “Spiritual Warfare” did much better and it was at this time people from across the nation started recognizing his talent and paying attention to what he had to say. Songs such as “Why” and “Hold Me Down” got many streams on Soundcloud and Band Camp. This was also when he found out that his son, Yaran, had a musical talent as well. He heard his son singing one day and added him to the end of a track. When he heard Yaran’s unique sound, he featured him on a full song on another project and everybody loved it. They later went on to record a full EP called FRUITS 2. “Nothing with You” from the album “Hebrew Advisory”, the first song Yahuah released him to do, used to be his favorite song, but when he composed “My Father’s Seed” with his son Yaran, it instantly became his new favorite track.

In 2018, he met Jay Shields, CEO, nationwide promoter and owner of the Southern Coalition Movement and the SCM Awards. Jay Shields heard him perform a song at another awards show and admired his talent. The two linked up and became close as brothers. Jay Shields put a major push behind him and his music, featured him as a performing artist at his 2019 SCM Awards and executive produced and promoted his Fruits 2 EP. Moshey is currently working with top producers on an album called “Uncut Truth” as well as a collaboration album with his wife about Hebrew Love and another album with his wife and son. He is also releasing visuals for the Fruits 2 album with his son Yaran.

Moshey is a mentor to the youth, a big brother, a loving husband and a supportive father. In all that he does, Moshey gives glory, honor and praise to the Most High for always watching over him and protecting him throughout his life and for leading him to truth. He has vowed to love and honor his family and bring his own seed up in the truth and in righteousness. HalleluYAH!

Moshey Ben Yahudah is a Gospel Rap recording artist who has released a brand new album called "Raw Uncut Truth". As a Bible-based Israelite music artist, Moshey's music is rooted in his faith and beliefs.

In "Raw Uncut Truth", using his laid back flavor, Moshey takes his listeners into his story. The lyrics of "Raw Uncut Truth" are meditative and encourages repentance unto the Most High Yah.

If you're a fan of Bible-based Israelite music, or simply looking for a new and unique artist to add to your playlist, be sure to check out Moshey Ben Yahudah and his latest album release, "Raw Uncut Truth".

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