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Nathaniel Shalom's NEWEST Reggae Album: Release 222

It's our pleasure to introduce you to Nathaniel Shalom, our beloved Israelite brother. He's always bringing us good vibes with his Reggae sounds. His brand new 8 track album called "Release 222" is sure to have you lean back with a nice drink from the first to last song.

If you're a fan of smooth Reggae sounds, you're going to love Nathaniel's music. His voice is like butter and will soothe the soul.

What sets Nathaniel Shalom apart is his commitment to using his music as a way to share his faith. As a Bible-based Israelite, Nathaniel's lyrics are fused with spiritual messages, and is a powerful tool for spreading thankfulness, positivity, and worship towards the Most High Yah.

If you're looking for something new and uplifting to add to your playlist, "Release 222" is worth your time and is such an easy listen for the Spirit.

Nathaniel Shalom Contact:

CHECK OUT one of Nathaniel's MUSIC VIDEOS: "Gotta Give Thanks"!

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