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Ro'eh Da Chef's album - Darker Days, Brighter Nights

Introducing our beloved Israelite brother: Ro'eh Da Chef.

Ro'eh Da Chef is a Truth music artist, a father, and philanthropist. As a Bible-based Israelite rapper, Ro'eh's music is rooted in his faith in the God of Israel.

Ro'eh Da Chef has released his debut album "Darker Days, Brighter Nights". In "Darker Days, Brighter Nights", Ro'eh Da Chef takes listeners on a lyrical ride with biblical notations.

Lyrics are sure to have your thoughts provoked for you to repent. If you're a fan of Bible-based Israelite Rap music, or simply looking for a new and unique artist to add to your playlist, be sure to check out Ro'eh Da Chef and his debut album release, "Darker Days, Brighter Nights".

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CHECK OUT Ro'eh Da Chef's MUSIC VIDEO "Die Once, Live Twice'" ft Anaviel The Servant

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