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Ro'eh Da Chef's new single - Broad and Allegany) ft Hayaman

Updated: Sep 21

Our beloved Israelite brother: Ro'eh Da Chef released a single called "Broad and Allegany)" ft Hayaman.

Ro'eh Da Chef gives us hardcore East-Coast Lyricism vibes yet again. In "Broad and Allegany)", Ro'eh Da Chef takes listeners on a lyrical ride with biblical notations.

Lyrics like "Death to America..." can give you a straight no chaser feel of the direction Ro'eh Da Chef is going with this song of his. Thought provoking lyrics to push you towards repentance is just what this song is.

If you're a fan of Bible-based Israelite righteous hardcore Rap music, or simply looking for a new and unique artist to add to your playlist, be sure to check out Ro'eh Da Chef and his single release, "Broad and Allegany)".

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CHECK OUT Ro'eh Da Chef's Audio VIDEO "Broad and Allegany'" ft Hayaman

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