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Yohanna Myrtle's Debut Album: Lead My Path

Introducing our beloved Israelite sister: Yohanna Myrtle.

Yohanna Myrtle is a R&B-Soul & Gospel artist with a music degree, singing of love, light, and wisdom. Yohanna Myrtle is a professional music producer & audio engineer graduate from Los Angeles, California.

Yohanna Myrtle's music is a stepping stool for those who are wandering far from the heavenly kingdom, in hopes to reunite those back to a meaningful relationship with the Heavenly Father while fulfilling their purpose and mission on earth.

She pours her soul into her music with her heart-wrenching melodies. With her belief in the Bible and her identity as an Israelite, she sees to it that you will gain some spiritual healing.

Yohanna Myrtle's new debut album: "Lead My Path", dropped today, October 10, 2023! is a calming compilation that is sure to take you into worship unto the Heavenly One. Yohanna Myrtle's debut album is the perfect way to start and end your day.

We listened to the entire album, and the sure hit singles on Yohanna Myrtle's debut album: "Lead My Path", in our humble opinion are:

  • Rather Be With You

  • Purify Me

  • To The ToMorrows

  • I Put My Trust in You

We fell in love with her voice on her debut single "This Little Light of Mine", and we'll be falling right back in love with her with her debut album: "Lead My Path".

If you're a fan of smooth neo-soul R&B music like secular artists Amiel Leauriex and Jhene Aiko, you'll love Israelite artist Yohanna Myrtle!

Be sure to give Yohanna Myrtle's "Lead My Path" album a listen. You can find it on all major streaming platforms, she is sure to become one of your new favorite artists if she's not already.

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CHECK OUT Yohanna Myrtle singing a cover by Hillsong United!

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