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ZamarYah's debut album "Soul Cry"

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Introducing our beloved Israelite brother, singer, and pianist: ZamarYah.

ZamarYah sings Gospel R&B, praise & worship music for the soul to repent, worship, and praise the Heavenly Father of Israel.

ZamarYah has released his sophomore album called: "Soul Cry". Giving us beautiful R&B vibes we all have been waiting for. PRAISE YAH!

ZamarYah sets an example of what repentance looks like as a single man. If you're a fan of soulful R&B with a righteous message, you will love ZamarYah's new debut album "Soul Cry". His voice is soul wrenching and will have you playing his music on repeat.

What sets ZamarYah apart is his transparency through his music. One of ZamarYah's debut album's song gives a take of what celibacy and abstinence looks like for an Israelite single young man in a world saturated with lewdness. ZamarYah is definitely giving young soldiers of the Most High Yah hope through his righteous melodies.

If you're looking for something new and uplifting to add to your playlist, ZamarYah's debut album: "Soul Cry" is worth your time and is sure to get you in the right Spirit.

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