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Zemira Israel's NEW Offer Based Artist Shop

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Photo by Bezaleel Israel

Our beloved Israelite sister: Zemira Israel, has made her products on her shop $1,000 each to encourage her supporters to name their own price for what they think the products and services are worth. This new offer based system she is newly implenting will allow some to offer what they can afford as well.

👚 👕 Zemira Israel is now accepting offers on every product/service she provides on her site for her Ztribe💎 supporter's optimal experience on her online shop.

Some offers will be denied of course. But think of it this way, if you can only afford one dollar for one of her products, you might be able to get that item for that price if someone else made the same purchase for it but offered around $100 for it for example...that way your $1 would be covered for Zemira Israel and her husband Bezaleel Israel's merchandise production expenses.

From now on Zemira's Ztribe💎 chooses their price. Zemira knows her worth and how invaluable she is before her creator; the Heavenly Father. She knows the difference between the cost of a thing and its value.

If you want to see Zemira Israel win at this new endeavor, suppor her today by making an offer at her shop! OFFER an amount based on how valuable and worthy Zemira Israel and Bezaleel Israel's contributions to the Israelite Music industry are to you. What do you think the worth and value is?

As a globally distributed recording and performing artist, Zemira has an impressive repertoire of 61 published songs, most of which she wrote, vocal produced, vocal engineered, and administered, and some she has even written for multiple other Israelite Artists.

She was on the 65th GRAMMYs®︎ ballot in 2022 for nomination consideration in the categories of Song of the Year and Record of the Year.

Supported by her loving and incredibly multi-gifted husband, Bezaleel Israel, and the vibrant Ztribe💎 community, Zemira's music has touched the hearts of many, fostering repentance and strengthening faith, spreading joy and encouragement with her infamous smile and spirit in song.

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