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Bezaleel Israel Produces the "Motivation (Deluxe)" EP by Zemira Israel

Introducing our beloved Israelite brother: Bezaleel Israel, the Bronx, New York born, Puerto Rican decent, multi-talented, 65th GRAMMY®︎ Balloted, Billboard-charting Producer, Mix Engineer, Multi-Media Artist, and Rapper. His journey in music started at a young age being influenced by the rap culture that sprung up in the Bronx, NY.

What sets Bezaleel Israel apart is his passion for keeping God's laws in the faith of Christ, and making sure everything he touches speaks of that.

Bezaleel has worked with GRAMMY nominated artists: Busta Rhymes, GRAMMY nominated songwriter David "Pic" Conley, 3x GRAMMY winning music engineer Nagaris Johnson, and GRAMMY voting member La La Musiq.

As a globally distributed recording and performing artist, Zemira has an impressive repertoire of 61 published songs, most of which she wrote, vocal produced, vocal engineered, and administered, and some she has even written for multiple other Israelite Artists.

She was on the 65th GRAMMYs®︎ ballot in 2022 for nomination consideration in the categories of Song of the Year and Record of the Year.

Supported by his lovely and multi-gifted wife, Zemira Israel, he is able to touch many hearts with his works, fostering repentance and strengthening faith in many through tangible and musical art.

His newest project he produced and engineered is the multi-single EP: "Motivation (Deluxe)", by his wife Zemira Israel, is an electrifying track, setting the stage for Zemira's upcoming 3rd album aimed release in the winter of 2023.

Bezaleel Israel is comfortable make big moves in the shadows as his name means "in the shadow of God". This is where he thrives, and ironically his talents make its way to the forefront overtime, whether it's a cover art he designs for an artist, a song he mixes or engineers, or a 16 he raps. Let Bezaleel Israel's bright light encourage you to be all that you can be for the name of the Most High in Christ.

If you love soulful R&B music with a unique twist, you're going to love Bezaleel's great contribution and collaboration on "Motivation" performed by Zemira Israel. Bezaleel's gifts shine through in the EPs instrumental version, and you'll be sure to sing along on the showmix version as well.

If you're looking for something uptempo, new, and encouraging to add to your playlist, Let Zemira Israel's voice and Bezaleel's instrumentation in "Motivation", their newest musical contribution to the Israelite Music Industry, bring you more encouragement towards pleasing the Heavenly Father in Christ.

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Watch Zemira Israel's "Champion" music video featuring and directed by Bezaleel Israel:

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