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Eshon Burgundy's album - Lost Sheep Deluxe

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Our beloved brother and artist, Eshon Burgundy, released the another verion of his "Lost Sheep" album called "Lost Sheep Deluxe".

As a Bible-based artist, Eshon Burgundy's bible based music is always a treat to his listeners and supporters. May his messages of repentance unto the Holy One of Israel in his musicbe a blessing unto you.

If you're a fan of Neo-Soul Rap music, go ahead and give "Lost Sheep Deluxe" a listen. You can find it on all major streaming platforms. With Eshon Burgundy's lyricism, he is sure to become one of your new favorite artists.

Eshon Burgundy Contact:

CHECK OUT Eshon Burgundy's "Yah's Plan" MUSIC VIDEO!

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