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Monolog Magad's new album: Let The OG Talk

Introducing our beloved Israelite brother: Monolog Magad.

Monolog Magad, hailing from the westside of Atlanta, is known for his smooth southern flow that the south has become known for. He is 1/3rd of the Billboard-charting gospel rap pioneers: Gideonz Army.

The lyricist, Monolog Magad, has recently released his newest 17 track album named "Let The OG Talk". Artists like Lorvins and Yapah Q are featured on the album, to name a few.

As a Bible-based Israelite rapper, Monolog infuses that inspiration into her music.

If you're a fan of being inspired through rap music, you're going to love Monolog Magad's new album "Let The OG Talk". His style is one of a kind. If you're looking for something new to add to your playlist, ""Let The OG Talk" is worth a listen.

Continued blessings to the son of Zion, Monolog Magad!

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Watch Monolog Magad's "Look Who I'm Standing With" music video:

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