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Ro'eh Da Chef's new album - God is Good (Act I)

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Our beloved Israelite brother: Ro'eh Da Chef released an album called "God is Good (Act I)".

Ro'eh Da Chef gives us another pure hip hop work of art and the cherry on top is that its righteous.

This 7 track album is heartfelt. Thought provoking lyrics to push you towards repentance is just what this song is.

Ro'eh Da Chef's new album: "God is Good (Act I)", dropped today, October 13, 2023, and his heart spills in a real way in this one. His transparency shines especially in the last track of the album.

The whole album is a must listen, and it also has features from artists such as Eshon Burgundy! These are some of the tracks we know you'll enjoy, in our humble opinion are:

  • I Need You ft. Yoneigh & Eshon Burgundy

  • Good Intentions

  • Repented

  • Open Rebuke 2

Give Ro'eh Da Chef's "God is Good (Act I)" album a listen. It's on all major streaming platforms, he's sure to be one of your new favorite Israelite artists.

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